New updates and improvements to LongShot AI.

  1. Here's a summary of what's happened from March 2022 to date. 

    Starting with the new releases...


    Improved SEO features

    Semantic SEO score

    Just launched 🚀


    The long-awaited Semantic SEO feature went live. This feature helps you create a comprehensive solution for your blog content so that your readers don't have to look at other blogs for more information.

    You can see the feature available at the bottom of the screen. After researching, click on the 'Calculate Semantic SEO Score' button. The AI will suggest a score, as shown below (rated B). This score is given based on the content you've generated with AI compared to the one on the search engine for that keyword.

    The questions in the image are derived from the 'People Also Ask' and 'Related Searches' sections of the SERP (search engine result page). The score tells if the content you created is enough or if you can add more details to provide a complete solution on your blog. So, if a question is rated A, there's more than enough content for that question on your blog. If it's rated C or D, it means you can write some more about that question.

    You'll get user and competitor ratings. Ideally, you should go for a score rated 'A.'

    LongShot Semantic SEO


    🎼 Use tones

    Use tones in generation

    Just launched 🚀


    Now you can choose to generate standalone feature content based on a particular Tone of your choice. You can explore the different tones and generate cool content.



    Research topic factsheets

    For a given topic, extract factual information which maybe useful in blog

    Just launched 🚀


    The Fact Sheet option is now available in the research section of the blog. You can choose from various facts available and add them to the blog later. We're looking at the facts from some of the most authoritative websites. You can add the same to your blog content.

    You can start your content with one of the awesome facts and take it from there forward.

    LongShot Fact sheet

    Next up are a couple of other important updates.

    • We made our Claim Detection even better than before. The AI suggests accurate results to detect any possible false claims.
    • We've made some cool UI updates to the blog and the standalone features layout.
    • And finally! We revamped our whole website. Have you checked it out yet?

  2. LongShot AI : new updates⚡

    New Feature

    LongShot AI Dashboard UI Updates

    Over the last month, you might have noticed that we've made some UI changes to the LongShot dashboard. We are working on making it look better than ever before. It's still a work in progress, so expect more changes in the future.

    LongShot AI dashboard

    Introduction to New features

    We listened to some of your suggestions and have introduced 7 new features. These include:


    • Meta Description: Using this feature, you can automatically generate the meta description for your blog by clicking a button. Present the AI with a headline and description to create the meta description for your blog.
    • Explain like I'm 5 (ELI5): Improve the readability of your content by using ELI5. AI scans the content and generates the text so that anyone can understand.
    • Video Description: Use this feature to create a perfect video description in seconds. Enter the title and a brief description of your video, and watch the AI generate a video description for you.
    • Sales Email: Use the Sales Email feature to boost your sales by creating human-like sales emails in a matter of seconds.
    • Paragraph Shredder: You can use this feature to cut a long paragraph into a short one.
    • Keyword to Text: You can use this feature to generate text from your inputs after giving the AI some keywords.
    • Bullet to Text: This feature allows you to transform bullet points into text quickly.

    User Profile Dashboard Updated

    If you visit your profile dashboard, you can see some cool updates. Firstly, there has been an update to the user interface, making things run smoothly. Moreover, you will notice that we have added the Analytics section. The Analytics section will suggest some cool insights about how you use the tool. Check it out!

    image (1)image (2)

    Update Email

    Users can now easily update their account email. All you need to do is to head over to the profile dashboard and look out for the update email option on your profile (see the picture for reference). Input your new email, and we'll update your old email with the new one in no time.

    image (3)

    #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

  3. One step closer to authenticity: think Grammarly for fact-check 🔎

    We introduce claim detection: a feature to highlight all claims that may be factually incorrect! So that you're even closer to the most factually correct AI generated content possible!

    Headline score 🔤

    While generating headlines - how do you know which will work really? We managed to train our AI on volumes of headlines you have selected so far - and suggest score so you should spent even less time perfecting the headline. See a sample 👇

    headline score

    Multiple languages 🌏

    We have now released a full support for 7 new languages: 🇫🇷 French, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇮🇹 Italian, 🇩🇪 German, 🇵🇱 Polish, 🇳🇱 Dutch, 🇵🇹 Portuguese


    🌎 Some language support

    We'll start with these languages first German/Deutsch Polish/Polski Dutch/Nederlands Spanish/Español French/Français Italian/Italiano Portuguese/Português

    Just launched 🚀


    Continued improvement in Niche 🎛️

    We have several niche which will produce better, fresher results compared to general AI. And we're soon releasing full support for these niche:

    • Health and fitness
    • Education and career
    • Lifestyle and hobbies
    • Movies and TV Shows
    • Home improvement
    • Personal finance
    • Travel
    • Software and internet
    • Personal care and fashion
    • Gaming
    • Gadgets
    • Mental health
    • Business and startups
    • Arts and design
    • Cars and automobiles
    • Arts and entertainment
    • Food and drink

    Improved design ✨

    LongShot AI dashboard has a new, cleaner look. And this is just a first step in our design revamp process. Stay tuned.


  4. Say hello to the new LongShot AI

    Why settle for GPT3 when you can you have your own AI?

    LongShot and most other AI writers used to rely on a general AI - but not any more! We've developed new Niche specific AI - which we hope will give you better, more authentic generation.


    🪄 New generation models, ✨ multiple niche

    Models beyond GPT3 Support for Niche

    Just launched 🚀


    Just switch to your desired niche in the editor (we'll keep adding new niche every few days)


    The feature is available for all lifetime and PRO users.

    Is that all? Not at all - the week came with a lots of goodies - from long rephraser to really long summary! Explore us for more!

    Still not convinced? Try us for FREE for whole Black friday Cyber Monday 2021 week!


  5. Automatically generate meta description for your blog

    Now you can generate one click SEO friendly meta descriptions for your blog. The AI sees your content and suggests crisp meta descriptions which the search engines will love 💕


    Really long “Write More

    We have turbocharged write more now to be able to produce endless content (though we advice using it with proper thoughts). But nonetheless - if you really want to use LongShot with primarily your mouse 🖱️ - you can surely try!

    write more

    Share your blogs

    No more downloading and sending! Just share your blog for your friends to read with the click of a button.🤝


    P.S.: Check this 1600 words blog written entirely using LongShot! -

    And now the showstopper 🦸‍♀️

    One of the really deep features we have been working on since months is the ability to select your niche before you generate! This will give you more fresh, more authentic content.The feature is in the stress testing phase - but if you want to get a early access - by all means let us know by filling this form 🤗

  6. Recently shipped, and future plans

    New Feature

    LongShot AI was among the first tool to launch a full fledged long form wizard (in May '21). Since they we have created buzz, attracted users (even competition). Here's what's been keeping us busy:

    LongShot AI went a facelift

    LS - writing tool made for colab

    LongShot now supports multiple AI assistants apart from the flagship blog wizard. This provides immense flexibility on the myriads type of use cases our users have.

    Richer, deeper generation with fact-check

    LongShot editor sports AI tools to create blogs. With about 10 (and more coming soon) AI generation tools, it's a swiss army knife to produce content - no matter how long. With the industry's first inbuilt fact-checker!

    See a 3 minute blog workflow in action 🔥

    The road ahead 🛣

    We at LongShot AI we believe in solving the impossible! With the help and 💕 of thousands of user - we have identified core areas which will be the focus of next few weeks!

    • Generation ✍: there is immense potential to make the models better, more current, coherent to the topics/niche. This is a deep efforts which is going to remain the crux of our focus for next few months. We'll expand to multiple languages & images.
    • Fact check 🕵️‍♀️: we launched the fact checker couple of months back & our internal dashboard tells that the plugin is used a lot! But yes - it is still in early stage. This is one of the usp of the product and expect deeper work in this direction.
    • Research ▶ Insights 🔍: there are many content brief / serp type tools in the market. But we feel that the task of deriving insights is still left to the marketer. What if you can get high value fact-sheet when you research the topic? What if you get unique subtopics instead of subheadings, keyword clusters etc.
  7. You can now add upto four new team members in your team account. This is currently launched for our LifeTime members for an introductory discounted rate.

    You can currently add up-to four team members. We'll be upgrading the team limits as well as releasing the feature for all our members.

    👉 Go to


    👉 Join a team

    An admin can share the TeamID with invited members, and they see a message like below:

    Hi, inviting you to be a part of my team at this awesome tool called LongShot - which uses AI to research/create/optimize content! Go to, signup, and enter LS-TEAM-f80f0ef4eead in

    👉 Toggle easily between team/individual mode