New updates and improvements to LongShot AI

  1. New Feature: G2 Review Generator

    New Feature

    You can now easily generate reviews on G2 using LongShot's G2 Review generator.

    With this standalone feature, you can easily voice the pros and cons of your experience in a better way. Feel free to check it out!

  2. Custom Templates for Community

    New Feature

    Launching our private Custom feature templates as Public templates that give you access to all the custom templates created by LongShot.

    As you know, we have around 20+ standalone features and a similar number of in-editor features. But these don't cover the entire use case for users. And that's why we've introduced Public templates.

    At the moment, we've added 15 new templates, but we'll keep adding them regularly over the next weeks.

    In addition, soon, we'll open the interface for all users to share their favorite templates with the LongShot community. Recently, you could share your Custom templates with your team only.

  3. LongShot app can now mobile-friendly

    New Feature

    Say hello to LongShot AI, now available on your mobile phone devices!

    With LongShot AI, you can create amazing blogs that rank 10X faster and generate high-quality content with just a few taps on your mobile phone.

  4. Repurpose Content: Create once, publish everywhere.

    New Feature

    Talk about the smartest way to publish more content, you can now repurpose your blogs or articles into different content for different channels.

    You can repurpose your content into the following:

    • Tweet
    • Twitter Threads
    • LinkedIn Post (long)
    • LinkedIn Post (short)
    • Executive Summary
    • QnA
    • Lead Gen Email
    • Promotional Email

    Over the next weeks, we'll keep adding more workflows for different use cases.

  5. Introducing LongShot Workflows: Create long-form content quickly!

    New Feature

    For those who wish to create different types of long-form content, we've created a feature that allows you to do just that.

    Presenting LongShot workflows that enable you to streamline complex processes, automate manual tasks, and create efficient workflows. With workflows, you can create content that is organized, easy to read, and tailored to the needs of your audience.

    It's pretty similar to the Blog Wizard, where you input your keyword or topic, select the relevant headline, generate an outline, and voila, find your first draft ready for that specific content type.

    Please note: Every workflow has a unique outline structure, as well as headline suggestions, that are relevant to that particular content type.

    At this moment, we've launched the following workflows:

    • How-To Blog Workflow
    • Listicle Workflow
    • Pillar Content Workflow

    Over the next weeks, we'll keep adding more workflows for different use cases.

  6. GPT-4 now powers LongShot AI


    LongShot AI is now powered by GPT-4.

    At this moment, LongShot's FactGPT will use GPT-4. Over the next few weeks, every single feature (and some new updates) will be powered by GPT-4.

    With this update, you can expect better-quality results without the need to put out too much context. Oh, and a low drunken stupor.

    Fun times!

  7. Update: Upload limits for Source of Truth


    LongShot offers the Source of Truth feature, allowing you to upload your own content to generate results.

    Different plans offer different limits. For instance, you can upload 5, 10, and 25 files for the Pro, Team, and Agency plans.

    The maximum file size for each file is set at 250 kb, and the supported documents include PDF, Docx, and Txt files.

  8. Update: Plagiarism Checker limits

    As you know, LongShot uses Copyscape, a gold standard in plagiarism checkers, to ensure original AI-generated content.

    LongShot's Pro plan allows 200 runs to check for any plagiarism. Similarly, the Team and Agency plans allow 1,000 and 10,000 runs, respectively.

  9. Team Plan Pricing Update

    LongShot's Team plan pricing got an update.

    What's changed?

    • The Team plan is available at $59 per month (paid monthly) or $49 per month (if paid annually).
    • In this plan, you get access to 3000 credits, compared to the 5000 credits earlier.
    • The number of users or seats is fixed at three members, which could be expanded to 10 earlier.
    • In addition, you get 1000 plagiarism runs under your plan.

    For more information, please refer to the LongShot pricing page.

  10. Blog Wizard Outline Update

    Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 4.43.49 PM

    There's been an update in the Outline feature for Blog Wizard, as shown in the image above. You can select and update the H2 and H3 header tags headlines.