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  1. New at LongShot AI: Content Optimization Features!

    New Feature

    Exciting updates await you in the world of content optimization!

    LongShot AI is thrilled to introduce three powerful features designed to elevate your content strategy and boost your online visibility.


    1.Enhanced Content Planner with GSC Integration:

    We've supercharged our Content Planner with Google Search Console (GSC) Integration! Now, effortlessly generate content ideas based on your GSC data and watch as LongShot AI brings them to life. Seamlessly create content that aligns with your audience's search behavior.

    Want to see how it works? Watch our video to dive deeper!


    2. Automated Interlinking with LongShot AI:

    Introducing our groundbreaking Interlinking feature! LongShot AI now intelligently interlinks related pages and blogs across your website, boosting SEO and enhancing user experience. No more manual linking hassles - let LongShot AI do the heavy lifting for you.

    Intrigued? Check out our video for a closer look!


    3. Content Improvement with Google Search Console Insights:

    Say hello to improved rankings with our Content Improvement feature! Leverage Google Search Console insights to identify areas for enhancement in your existing content. LongShot AI will then generate suggested additions to elevate your content's performance.

    Ready to level up your SEO game? Watch our video tutorial for a comprehensive guide!


    Stay ahead of the curve with LongShot AI's latest content optimization features.


  2. Integrate Google Search Console with LongShot AI in One Click!

    New Feature

    🔗 Seamless Integration

    Connect your Google Search Console (GSC) with LongShot AI effortlessly. Just one click and you're set!


    📊 Access GSC Insights Within LongShot

    Directly view your Google Search Console data in LongShot. Track your website's performance and uncover valuable insights without ever leaving the platform.




    🔍 Enhance Existing Content

    Leverage GSC insights to refine and optimize your current content. Ensure your articles are always fresh and ranking high.

    Get started with this video.

    ✍️ Fuel Your Content Planner

    Use insights from GSC to guide your content creation. Plan and produce new articles that are perfectly aligned with what your audience is searching for.




    Elevate your content strategy with LongShot AI and Google Search Console today!


  3. What's New: Seamless One-Click Integrations Are Here! 🎉


    Creating impactful content just got easier!

    At LongShot AI, we're always looking for ways to streamline your creative process. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest feature - one-click integrations with your favorite platforms: WordPress, WebFlow, and Google Docs.

    • WordPress: Publish directly with one click. Seamless from draft to blog.
    • WebFlow: Integrate content into designs effortlessly. One-click does it all.
    • Google Docs: Export to Docs for easy collaboration. Instant, with a single click.

    Why You'll Love These Integrations:

    • Pure Simplicity: One click is all it takes to connect LongShot AI with your favorite platforms.
    • Seamless Exports: Move your content from idea to published format effortlessly, without ever leaving the LongShot ecosystem.
    • Time-Saving: Spend more time creating and less time managing multiple platforms.


    Kickstart Your One-Click Journey

    Embrace the future of content creation today. Simply select your platform within the LongShot dashboard, connect with a single click, and experience a seamless flow from creation to publication.


    Here's to creating effortlessly brilliant content together!


  4. Introducing Claude 3 on LongShot AI!


    Dive into a world where content isn't just created; it's crafted with precision, flair, and a touch of AI brilliance.

    Meet Claude 3, the latest addition to LongShot AI, designed to elevate your content beyond the ordinary.


    What Makes Claude 3 Special?

    • Beyond GPT-4: Imagine content creation with an AI that not only matches but exceeds the benchmarks set by GPT-4. That's Claude 3 for you—smarter, sharper, and ready to turn heads.
    • Tailored for Impact: Whether you're crafting the next viral blog post with AutoBlog or delivering facts that hit the mark with FactGPT, Claude 3 is your go-to for content that makes a difference.
    • Style Meets Substance: Get ready for content that resonates, with enhanced style, tone, and formatting. Claude 3 understands the assignment, every time.

    Why You'll Love It:

    • Effortless Integration: Seamless flow into your content creation process, making it easier than ever to produce quality content.
    • Creative Freedom: With Claude 3, push the boundaries of what you thought was possible, and watch your ideas come to life in new and exciting ways.
    • A Leap Forward: Experience the future of content creation today. Claude 3 represents the cutting edge of AI, giving you a competitive edge that's hard to beat.

    Get Started with Claude 3:

    Embark on your journey with Claude 3 and see the difference for yourself. Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just starting out, Claude 3 is designed to enhance your workflow, inspire your creativity, and help you achieve your content goals.


  5. Enhanced SEO Checker in LongShot AI


    We've got exciting news to share! You're already familiar with our Semantic SEO score within the blog editor – a feature many of you have grown to rely on for optimizing your content. Well, we've taken your feedback and made it even better. Introducing the enhanced SEO Checker, now a dedicated tab in the LongShot App.


    What's New?

    1. Dedicated SEO Tab – We've streamlined the experience. Now, access all SEO tools in one dedicated place for easier navigation and use.
    2. Simplified Process – Import documents or input text directly. Enter your topic, hit "Check SEO," and instantly receive valuable insights to refine your strategy.
    3. Improved Semantic SEO Score – Your favorite feature just got an upgrade. Get more detailed feedback on your content's SEO effectiveness, helping you stay ahead in search engine rankings.


    What This Means for You?

    You've been using the Semantic SEO score to enhance your content's visibility. Now, with the upgraded SEO Checker, expect a more intuitive interface, deeper insights, and an even more powerful impact on your content's SEO performance.

    We're excited for you to experience these enhancements. As always, your feedback is what drives our innovation, so keep it coming!

    Happy blogging and SEO optimizing!


    LongShot App



  6. Now Input URL or Upload a File in Brand Voice


    We're thrilled to announce a game-changing update to our Brand Voice feature – now even more powerful and user-friendly! At LongShot AI, we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and authentic brand voice across all your content. That's why we've upgraded our Brand Voice feature to offer you unparalleled convenience and precision in capturing your unique brand essence.


    🔗 URL Analysis: Simply input the URL of your desired content, and our AI will analyze the style and tone directly from the web, ensuring your content resonates perfectly with your brand's online presence.


    📁 File Uploads: Have a key document that embodies your brand's voice? Upload it directly to our platform! Our enhanced AI will meticulously dissect the tone, style, and nuances, translating them into a tailored writing guide for your future content.


    ✍️ Enhanced Text Input: While we've expanded our capabilities, we haven't forgotten our roots. The classic text input is now more refined than ever, offering deeper analysis and more accurate reflections of your brand's voice.


    This holistic approach ensures that no matter how you choose to convey your brand's voice – whether through a website, a pivotal document, or a snippet of text – LongShot AI is equipped to capture its essence accurately. Our goal is to empower you to create content that's not just consistent, but also vibrantly reflective of your brand's unique personality.


    Stay ahead of the curve with LongShot AI – where your brand's voice finds its true expression.


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  7. Brand Voice Feature Update



    In our ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience, we have updated the Brand Voice feature in LongShot AI. This update focuses on ensuring seamless integration and consistency with your brand's unique style and preferences.


    With this enhancement, you can expect:


    1. Acronyms: Intelligent handling of acronyms, reflecting your brand's language accurately.
    2. Capitalization Rules: Customization options for names, titles, and terms, maintaining your brand's stylistic consistency.
    3. Date Formats: Flexibility in date presentation, catering to different regional preferences.
    4. Currency Representation: Options to choose symbol-amount formats, aiding in clear financial communication.
    5. Numbers and Units: Improved clarity in presenting numerical data and measurements.
    6. Time and Timezones: Specific AM/PM formats with timezone adjustments, ideal for global brand operations.

    These updates are designed to align closely with your brand's narrative and communication style.



  8. Addition of Modes in Autoblog Workflows + Persistent Mode Selection


    Apart from choosing the relevant AI model (GPT-4 or Claude 2), you can also choose the mode for generating content.


    This ensures the content you generate is of high quality as you take control of the source from which AI generates content.


    There are five modes available at the moment, including:


    • Normal (which generates results based on the LongShot's scrolled data on the web)
    • SERP (which generates results based on the top results on Google)
    • Uploaded File (which generates results based on your own content)
    • URL (which generates results based on the URL(s) that you share), and
    • Domain (which generates results based on the domain that you share).


    You can choose any of these modes and proceed to generate content in 3 clicks.


    Please note: We've also introduced a Persistent Mode, which ensures that if you choose the SERP in the Workflow generation, the mode will be carried or remain SERP if you generate content using the FactGPT feature later.


    CleanShot 2023-10-01 at 22.48.15@2x


  9. UI Update for FactGPT


    To maintain UI consistency across the LongShot app for similar features, we've updated the UI for FactGPT to keep it similar to LongShot Chat.


    So, rather than scrolling for different modes, you can select your relevant mode and proceed. There are five modes available at the moment, including:


    • Normal (which generates results based on the LongShot's scrolled data on the web)
    • SERP (which generates results based on the top results on Google)
    • Uploaded File (which generates results based on your own content)
    • URL (which generates results based on the URL(s) that you share), and
    • Domain (which generates results based on the domain that you share).


    CleanShot 2023-10-01 at 22.39.15@2x


  10. New Feature: Brand Voice

    New Feature

    As the name suggests, LongShot's Brand Voice feature enables you to customize content and boost brand consistency to ensure AI adapts to your style for consistent messaging.


    You can input text or upload files (up to 5MB) relevant to your brand to enable AI to generate content in your brand voice.


    You can find the Getting Started button on your LongShot app dashboard.


    CleanShot 2023-10-01 at 22.29.04@2x