New updates and improvements to LongShot AI

  1. Updated Feature: Fact Check


    The LongShot Fact Check feature is now more accurate than ever.

    Easily check for AI-generated content accuracy or for the legitimacy of some random facts with LongShot's Fact Check feature.

    Here's the video:

  2. New Feature: Probably our best to date...

    New Feature

    Presenting the LongShot Factual Instruct feature that allows you to generate super fresh content.

    Did something happen a day or two ago? Want to write about it? Select the Factual Instruct option, and AI will generate fresh content results based on the latest SERP results.

    Check the video below:

  3. New Integrations: HubSpot, Ghost Org, and Medium

    New Feature

    We're glad to introduce three new integrations to our already booming list of integrations.

    1. HubSpot Integration

    Using the HubSpot integration, you can export content created in the Longshot app to your HubSpot CMS with a click of a button. And the same is true for the opposite scenario, where you can import posts from your Hubspot CMS to LongShot and generate content.

    2. Ghost Integration

    Integrating the Ghost CMS allows you to export posts created in the Longshot app to your Ghost org blog and vice versa with a button's click. You can import posts from the Ghost CMS to LongShot and generate content here.

    3. Medium Integration

    Using the Medium integration, you can export content created in the Longshot app to your Medium CMS with a button's click.

    You can find all these integrations in the Integrations tab of your LongShot app account, as shown in the image below.

    To connect your account, all you need to do is click on 'Connect' and fill in the details, if and where necessary.

  4. New Features: Custom AI Template Generator and Context Box (Blog Wizard Research)

    New Feature

    Now you can create and save custom AI prompts to generate content using AI writer.

    You can find this feature on the dashboard or inside the templates section under the 'Custom' tab.


    The Custom prompt feature allows you to input customized prompts into the AI. It's like you have the raw material and can create any template you want.

    Simply add Prompt, Description, and Examples before generating results. This helps provide AI with context.



    Context Box (Inside LongShot's Blog Wizard Research)

    We've introduced a context box inside LongShot's Blog Wizard Research, as shown in the image.


    This helps AI generate accurate results as per your instructions.

  5. New Feature: Local Services for Business

    New Feature

    We're glad to announce this much-awaited standalone feature that lets you describe local businesses' services in a compelling marketing copy.

    Local businesses provide a wide range of services that can benefit consumers. They can offer unique products, expert advice, and personalized services unavailable at larger chain stores.

    How to generate a copy using the Local Services feature?

    Step 1) Input the following fields:

    • Name of the company
    • Location
    • Describe your service
    • Keyword(s) to describe your offering

    Step 2) Generate results till you find the perfect copy.

    Step 3) Add or copy-paste the best result to the editor.



    Check out the video.

  6. LongShot Plan Update

    There have been a few updates in our Pricing plan.

    LongShot Team plan

    • The number of credits has now increased to 5000 credits per month from the earlier 3000 credits per month.

    • The number of complimentary seats has increased from 2 seats to 5 seats in the plan.

    • The Price for the annual plan has increased from $69 per month to $79 per month.

    LongShot Basic Plan (Free Forever Plan)

    • On signup, you get access to 50 credits (non-exhaustive) in addition to the 10 daily free credits.