New updates and improvements to LongShot AI.

  1. Say hello to the new LongShot AI

    Why settle for GPT3 when you can you have your own AI?

    LongShot and most other AI writers used to rely on a general AI - but not any more! We've developed new Niche specific AI - which we hope will give you better, more authentic generation.


    πŸͺ„ New generation models, ✨ multiple niche

    Models beyond GPT3 Support for Niche

    Just launched πŸš€


    Just switch to your desired niche in the editor (we'll keep adding new niche every few days)


    The feature is available for all lifetime and PRO users.

    Is that all? Not at all - the week came with a lots of goodies - from long rephraser to really long summary! Explore us for more!

    Still not convinced? Try us for FREE for whole Black friday Cyber Monday 2021 week!


  2. Automatically generate meta description for your blog

    Now you can generate one click SEO friendly meta descriptions for your blog. The AI sees your content and suggests crisp meta descriptions which the search engines will love πŸ’•


    Really long β€œWrite More”

    We have turbocharged write more now to be able to produce endless content (though we advice using it with proper thoughts). But nonetheless - if you really want to use LongShot with primarily your mouse πŸ–±οΈ - you can surely try!

    write more

    Share your blogs

    No more downloading and sending! Just share your blog for your friends to read with the click of a button.🀝


    P.S.: Check this 1600 words blog written entirely using LongShot! -

    And now the showstopper πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ

    One of the really deep features we have been working on since months is the ability to select your niche before you generate! This will give you more fresh, more authentic content.The feature is in the stress testing phase - but if you want to get a early access - by all means let us know by filling this form πŸ€—

  3. Recently shipped, and future plans

    New Feature

    LongShot AI was among the first tool to launch a full fledged long form wizard (in May '21). Since they we have created buzz, attracted users (even competition). Here's what's been keeping us busy:

    LongShot AI went a facelift

    LS - writing tool made for colab

    LongShot now supports multiple AI assistants apart from the flagship blog wizard. This provides immense flexibility on the myriads type of use cases our users have.

    Richer, deeper generation with fact-check

    LongShot editor sports AI tools to create blogs. With about 10 (and more coming soon) AI generation tools, it's a swiss army knife to produce content - no matter how long. With the industry's first inbuilt fact-checker!

    See a 3 minute blog workflow in action πŸ”₯

    The road ahead πŸ›£

    We at LongShot AI we believe in solving the impossible! With the help and πŸ’• of thousands of user - we have identified core areas which will be the focus of next few weeks!

    • Generation ✍: there is immense potential to make the models better, more current, coherent to the topics/niche. This is a deep efforts which is going to remain the crux of our focus for next few months. We'll expand to multiple languages & images.
    • Fact check πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ: we launched the fact checker couple of months back & our internal dashboard tells that the plugin is used a lot! But yes - it is still in early stage. This is one of the usp of the product and expect deeper work in this direction.
    • Research β–Ά Insights πŸ”: there are many content brief / serp type tools in the market. But we feel that the task of deriving insights is still left to the marketer. What if you can get high value fact-sheet when you research the topic? What if you get unique subtopics instead of subheadings, keyword clusters etc.
  4. You can now add upto four new team members in your team account. This is currently launched for our LifeTime members for an introductory discounted rate.

    You can currently add up-to four team members. We'll be upgrading the team limits as well as releasing the feature for all our members.

    πŸ‘‰ Go to


    πŸ‘‰ Join a team

    An admin can share the TeamID with invited members, and they see a message like below:

    Hi, inviting you to be a part of my team at this awesome tool called LongShot - which uses AI to research/create/optimize content! Go to, signup, and enter LS-TEAM-f80f0ef4eead in

    πŸ‘‰ Toggle easily between team/individual mode