New updates and improvements to LongShot AI

  1. Updates: Model selection in Advanced Workflow; GPT-4 June update


    Select Model in Workflows: You can choose the language model for creating content in the Advanced AutoBlog Workflow. You can choose between the GPT-4 and Claude-2 LLM models. Check the image below for reference.

    CleanShot 2023-09-08 at 11.52.32@2x


    GPT-4 latest update: You can now find the latest GPT-4 June update of the OpenAI language model in your Chat's models. This version improves content factuality and ensures fewer hallucinations while generating content faster.

    CleanShot 2023-09-08 at 11.49.32@2x



  2. Introducing Table in the Editor (Beta)

    New Feature

    You can now easily create tables inside your editor. You can further format it (add and remove different rows & columns) and generate content inside the tables.


    You can find the add table option on the top menu bar section inside the editor, as shown below.


    You can generate content inside it by pressing the forward-slash (/) button and using various generation features.



  3. Introducing Normal Mode in Chat and Botshot


    There were four modes available for users as sources for generation inside Chat and BotShot. This included SERP, own files, URLs, and domains.


    Introducing the 5th mode, Normal Mode, inside Chat and BotShot that helps you generate content based on LongShot's pre-trained data. Try it today!


    CleanShot 2023-09-08 at 11.50.38@2x


  4. Advanced Workflow and Narrative Essay Workflow

    New Feature

    We have new additions in the AutoBlog Workflow section.


    We've got the Advanced workflow, an upgrade to what was earlier known as Wizard. You can use it to research, generate, and optimize long-form content.


    We've also got Narrative Essay Autoblog Workflow, used to craft an essay that tells a story on a topic by sharing experiences and insights in a way that resonates with readers.


    And another couple dozen AutoBlog Workflows are coming soon.



  5. Upload limits increased to 5MB


    You can now upload files up to 5 MB in size for generating content using FactGPT, Chat, BotShot, etc. Earlier, the maximum limit was up to 300kb per file.



  6. In-editor Features removed: Factsheets, Bullet Points


    We've discontinued/removed some features that users didn't use enough. This includes FactSheets and Bullet Points options inside the editor. This has been done in our initiative to clean LongShot from possible feature creep scenarios.


  7. Excluded keywords for various standalone features


    You can now use the Excluded keywords option for the below-mentioned standalone features.

    • Readability Score Improver (earlier ELI5)
    • Bullet to text
    • Keywords to text
    • Create FAQs
    • Long Summary
    • Marketing Copy


    CleanShot 2023-09-08 at 11.54.55@2x


    The use case for this addition is that users can now add keywords they wish to exclude or remove from their copies.


    You input the excluded keywords, and AI will not use those specific keywords in the generated copy. This way, you can avoid using various buzzwords, competitor names, etc.


  8. New Features: History feature for standalone, Feedback

    New Feature

    History Feature

    The History feature for standalones enables you to see the previous input and generated outputs for the different standalone features. You can also use filters to see the results for a specific standalone feature.


    CleanShot 2023-08-17 at 21.42.42@2x



    This feature allows you to rate the result post every generation. If you find the result unsatisfactory, you can dislike and share the issues you found in your generation. Similarly, if you liked the generated result, you can share it too. Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve.


    CleanShot 2023-08-17 at 21.37.50@2x



  9. New Feature: LongShot BotShot; no-code AI custom chatbot

    New Feature

    We're glad to announce the launch of LongShot BotShot, a no-code AI custom chatbot builder that trains on your data. It's like ChatGPT for your website.

    You can add it as a widget to your website, and your users can interact with it to get answers to their queries.

    You can customize this chatbot and get started in 2 minutes.


    In addition, you can also choose your content source for the chatbot among SERP, your file, or any URL or Domain.


    Check out this video to learn more:   



  10. Introducing the Claude-2 Model Integration

    We've introduced the new Claude-2 Model integration for generating content. You can find the model in your LongShot Chat and LongShot Workflows in the top right-hand section. You can select from different models to generate content.


    Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 8.19.49 PM


    Wondering how Claude-2 is different from GPT-4?



    GPT-4: More creative, generates results comparatively slower, can look at around 25k words

    Claude-2: Comprehensive, focus on accuracy, can look at around 75k words


    Imagine you have two super smart robot friends, GPT-4 and Claude-2. They both can do some cool things, but they're also a bit different.


    GPT-4 is like the kid in your class who's really good at understanding and answering questions. It can even understand pictures and write about them! It's like having a friend who can help you with your homework, write stories, and even make jokes. But the most amazing thing about GPT-4 is that it can remember a lot of words - up to 25,000 words! That's like remembering every word in a small book!


    On the other hand, Claude-2 is like the kid who can remember everything from a big book! It can remember up to 75,000 words, which is three times more than GPT-4. This makes Claude-2 really good at understanding big stories or complicated problems.


    But just like us, these robot friends are not perfect. Sometimes, they can make mistakes or say things that don't make sense. And while GPT-4 can understand pictures, Claude-2 can't do that yet.


    So, which one is better? Well, it depends on what you need. If you want a friend who can understand and write about pictures, then GPT-4 is your go-to buddy. But if you need someone who can remember a lot of words and help with coding, then Claude-2 is your best bet.