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Addition of Modes in Autoblog Workflows + Persistent Mode Selection


Apart from choosing the relevant AI model (GPT-4 or Claude 2), you can also choose the mode for generating content.


This ensures the content you generate is of high quality as you take control of the source from which AI generates content.


There are five modes available at the moment, including:


  • Normal (which generates results based on the LongShot's scrolled data on the web)
  • SERP (which generates results based on the top results on Google)
  • Uploaded File (which generates results based on your own content)
  • URL (which generates results based on the URL(s) that you share), and
  • Domain (which generates results based on the domain that you share).


You can choose any of these modes and proceed to generate content in 3 clicks.


Please note: We've also introduced a Persistent Mode, which ensures that if you choose the SERP in the Workflow generation, the mode will be carried or remain SERP if you generate content using the FactGPT feature later.


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