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Now Input URL or Upload a File in Brand Voice


We're thrilled to announce a game-changing update to our Brand Voice feature – now even more powerful and user-friendly! At LongShot AI, we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and authentic brand voice across all your content. That's why we've upgraded our Brand Voice feature to offer you unparalleled convenience and precision in capturing your unique brand essence.


🔗 URL Analysis: Simply input the URL of your desired content, and our AI will analyze the style and tone directly from the web, ensuring your content resonates perfectly with your brand's online presence.


📁 File Uploads: Have a key document that embodies your brand's voice? Upload it directly to our platform! Our enhanced AI will meticulously dissect the tone, style, and nuances, translating them into a tailored writing guide for your future content.


✍️ Enhanced Text Input: While we've expanded our capabilities, we haven't forgotten our roots. The classic text input is now more refined than ever, offering deeper analysis and more accurate reflections of your brand's voice.


This holistic approach ensures that no matter how you choose to convey your brand's voice – whether through a website, a pivotal document, or a snippet of text – LongShot AI is equipped to capture its essence accurately. Our goal is to empower you to create content that's not just consistent, but also vibrantly reflective of your brand's unique personality.


Stay ahead of the curve with LongShot AI – where your brand's voice finds its true expression.


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