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Brand Voice Feature Update



In our ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience, we have updated the Brand Voice feature in LongShot AI. This update focuses on ensuring seamless integration and consistency with your brand's unique style and preferences.


With this enhancement, you can expect:


  1. Acronyms: Intelligent handling of acronyms, reflecting your brand's language accurately.
  2. Capitalization Rules: Customization options for names, titles, and terms, maintaining your brand's stylistic consistency.
  3. Date Formats: Flexibility in date presentation, catering to different regional preferences.
  4. Currency Representation: Options to choose symbol-amount formats, aiding in clear financial communication.
  5. Numbers and Units: Improved clarity in presenting numerical data and measurements.
  6. Time and Timezones: Specific AM/PM formats with timezone adjustments, ideal for global brand operations.

These updates are designed to align closely with your brand's narrative and communication style.