Here's a summary of what's happened from March 2022 to date. 

Starting with the new releases...


Improved SEO features

Semantic SEO score

Just launched 🚀


The long-awaited Semantic SEO feature went live. This feature helps you create a comprehensive solution for your blog content so that your readers don't have to look at other blogs for more information.

You can see the feature available at the bottom of the screen. After researching, click on the 'Calculate Semantic SEO Score' button. The AI will suggest a score, as shown below (rated B). This score is given based on the content you've generated with AI compared to the one on the search engine for that keyword.

The questions in the image are derived from the 'People Also Ask' and 'Related Searches' sections of the SERP (search engine result page). The score tells if the content you created is enough or if you can add more details to provide a complete solution on your blog. So, if a question is rated A, there's more than enough content for that question on your blog. If it's rated C or D, it means you can write some more about that question.

You'll get user and competitor ratings. Ideally, you should go for a score rated 'A.'

LongShot Semantic SEO


🎼 Use tones

Use tones in generation

Just launched 🚀


Now you can choose to generate standalone feature content based on a particular Tone of your choice. You can explore the different tones and generate cool content.



Research topic factsheets

For a given topic, extract factual information which maybe useful in blog

Just launched 🚀


The Fact Sheet option is now available in the research section of the blog. You can choose from various facts available and add them to the blog later. We're looking at the facts from some of the most authoritative websites. You can add the same to your blog content.

You can start your content with one of the awesome facts and take it from there forward.

LongShot Fact sheet

Next up are a couple of other important updates.

  • We made our Claim Detection even better than before. The AI suggests accurate results to detect any possible false claims.
  • We've made some cool UI updates to the blog and the standalone features layout.
  • And finally! We revamped our whole website. Have you checked it out yet?