Recently shipped, and future plans

New Feature

LongShot AI was among the first tool to launch a full fledged long form wizard (in May '21). Since they we have created buzz, attracted users (even competition). Here's what's been keeping us busy:

LongShot AI went a facelift

LS - writing tool made for colab

LongShot now supports multiple AI assistants apart from the flagship blog wizard. This provides immense flexibility on the myriads type of use cases our users have.

Richer, deeper generation with fact-check

LongShot editor sports AI tools to create blogs. With about 10 (and more coming soon) AI generation tools, it's a swiss army knife to produce content - no matter how long. With the industry's first inbuilt fact-checker!

See a 3 minute blog workflow in action 🔥

The road ahead 🛣

We at LongShot AI we believe in solving the impossible! With the help and 💕 of thousands of user - we have identified core areas which will be the focus of next few weeks!

  • Generation ✍: there is immense potential to make the models better, more current, coherent to the topics/niche. This is a deep efforts which is going to remain the crux of our focus for next few months. We'll expand to multiple languages & images.
  • Fact check 🕵️‍♀️: we launched the fact checker couple of months back & our internal dashboard tells that the plugin is used a lot! But yes - it is still in early stage. This is one of the usp of the product and expect deeper work in this direction.
  • Research ▶ Insights 🔍: there are many content brief / serp type tools in the market. But we feel that the task of deriving insights is still left to the marketer. What if you can get high value fact-sheet when you research the topic? What if you get unique subtopics instead of subheadings, keyword clusters etc.