Say hello to the new LongShot AI

Why settle for GPT3 when you can you have your own AI?

LongShot and most other AI writers used to rely on a general AI - but not any more! We've developed new Niche specific AI - which we hope will give you better, more authentic generation.


🪄 New generation models, ✨ multiple niche

Models beyond GPT3 Support for Niche

Just launched 🚀


Just switch to your desired niche in the editor (we'll keep adding new niche every few days)


The feature is available for all lifetime and PRO users.

Is that all? Not at all - the week came with a lots of goodies - from long rephraser to really long summary! Explore us for more!

Still not convinced? Try us for FREE for whole Black friday Cyber Monday 2021 week!